Project 365

MIKEE - Little brown girl who is in love with just about everything.

This blog is her attempt at documenting the people/places/food/events that she encounters on a day to day basis.

All content is original unless otherwise stated.

Day 89/365 The smile of a child is one of the things in this world that I consider priceless. 

Day 88/365 Every year, we join the Good Friday procession in our church. God’s presence was very strong during the long walk and during reflection time in church. Sabi nga ni Bobby Guev at ni Cardinal Tagle, minsan hanap ka ng hanap sa Panginoon, hindi mo alam ang kailangan mo lang gawin ay manatili at magpahanap sa Kanya.

Day 87/365 Tita Joy and I (with a little help from Bea and Neo) baked a cake for Lola’s 73rd birthday. We hope to celebrate more birthdays with our beloved Lola (and Lolo too!)

Day 86/365 I watched The Croods with my family at Harbor Point Cinemas today. We really enjoyed the movie! It reminded me to stay curious, always look for adventure and never be afraid! The story of Eep’s relationship with her Dad also tugged at our heartstrings. Dads (and Moms too) are the greatest. :)

Day 85/365 I accompanied Jao to MAPUA today to reserve his slot for the coming school year. My brother is going to be a future engineer!

Day 84/365 Dito ako nagsimulang mangarap, dito rin ako magsisimulang gawing realidad ang mga pangarap. Ang galing lang.

P.S. Mababaw lang pero namangha ako sa bagong daan na ito! Haha. 

Day 83/365 Jao and I headed for Manila today. I had fun “touring” Jao around. I’m so excited for him to start college! We ended the evening at CPK, Greenbelt with Tita Joy and Bea. :)

Day 81/365 My brother Jao graduated from High School today. This is the only photo (taken before people started coming in) I was able to take from my phone. I forgot to copy the pictures on Mom’s camera so this would have to do for now.

Anyway, I’m proud of my brother for reaching this milestone! Next stop: college!

Day 80/365 I renewed my Subic residential ID today. Their office is so small but the people are so efficient! 

Day 79/365: Death by Mathematics

I have an exam coming up so I have to work on some Math problems to prepare. I have learned helplessness when it comes to numbers but I guess it’s time to stop the pity party and actually believe that I can do this! I have to! Failing is not an option. :)

P.S. If you look closely, I’m actually just reading up on Fractions and Percentage, Rate and Base equations (?). I haven’t even studied for Algebra and Calculus yet… :| #notaproudmoment

Day 78/365: I went crazy with The Sims Freeplay’s new Neo Tokyo theme today! I followed Jao’s instructions for his virtual home and ended up with this very modern design (full photo of house not shown). I made it late this evening and I’m happy with the end product! It’s unusual but perfect for a fantasy world! Haha. This is my guilty pleasure and even if everyone says it’s boring, I love this app! :))

Day 77/365: I’m halfway done with my reading assignment! This collection of essays on Philippine Education is very eye-opening. It sparked a lengthy discussion on our current education cycle between me and Miguel. I like that I am becoming more aware of this reality and have someone to share opinions with.

The afternoon was well-spent! :)

Day 76/365

"I can leave The GUIDON next year. I already learned so much. It’s time to look elsewhere. But parang di ko kaya. After serving the people and seeing the others, I think I’ve invested na rin on the people. Pero yun kasi diba? It’s [all about] the people we serve."
-Michelle Fong

So many feelings! HUHU All I ever wanted for T&D was for people to love it the same way (or more than) I did. My heart is overjoyed because they (especially Janina, Michelle and Kristine) are giving everything they have to the staff and the organization.

Can’t let go lang ang peg! But this really made my night. :’)

Day 75/354: Hindi ko alam kung bakit pero tawang-tawa ako sa “Cooking Club.” I have crazy friends. At oo na, hindi nga ako cool. :))

Day 74/365: I underestimated how bad traffic is on a Friday night. The bus ride back to Subic took 2 hours longer than my usual travel time. I couldn’t sleep so I tried to keep myself entertained by reading/listening to music/writing.